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Cameron Diaz Bikini Yachting Riviera Vacation Continues, As Does Our Ogling

When bikini clad celebrities take multi-bikini vacations, this can be a lot of work for us. But I commit that as long as these lovely ladies are showing off their bodies on various beaches and yachts and rooftops, I shall not slumber in my responsibilities to leer and gawk incessantly while imagining someday the Bill Swift Sextastic Celebrity Orgy actually becomes a real event with sponsors and plastic sheet lined floors.

Cameron Diaz seems to be on about day ten of her Euro yachting vacation with new musician boyfriend and showing off in different bikinis daily from the decks of ships and rocky shores. Cameron maintains a rather strict workout and diet regimen that allows her to feel comfortable prancing about in skimpy two piece swimsuits at forty. I applaud everything she does to make our lives a little happier. I'm going to assume that's why she does it. Enjoy.

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