‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Trailer Drops Some Abraham Lincoln On Us (VIDEO)

Call of Duty- Advanced Warfare Campaign Trailer
Plus, a brief glimpse of the multiplayer.

At this point, we’re all pretty damn well acquainted with Call of Duty plots. Countries are pissed at other countries, harsh words are said, important dudes’ mothers are accused of having weight problems. Somebody doesn’t send out that thank you card for the cookies at World Leaders’ Meeting About Trivial BS Day, and the whole thing escalates.

Before you know what the balls, furious studly dudes with guns are wrecking shit all over the place. No shit is left un-wrecked.

Also, terrorists.

So, here comes Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and its fancy new campaign trailer. It presents a world in turmoil, after the first global terrorist attack in history. Who can prevent these atrocities on innocent nuclear reactors the world over? You, that’s who. Take a look at the shady new ATLAS Corporation in action above.