Ann-Kathrin Brommel Bikini Hotness Is the Real World Cup Victor's Trophy

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I keep kicking myself reminding myself that I had intended to become a world class soccer player when I was a child. Or, you know, football player since I was born in the U.S..  Still, just look at the golden riches you receive for being a World Cup hero like Mario Gotze of Germany. A luscious delicious and all-around crazy hot bikini girlfriend like Ann-Kathrin Brommel.

Ann-Kathrin gained instant notoriety when she ran onto the field to kiss Martin right after Germany had secured World Cup victory. I presume she'll gain even more notoriety as we ogle her crazy hot body over the coming weeks and months. Oh, to be young and a famous athlete. Or just a famous athlete. Or just own a sports team I suppose. Nobody runs onto the field to kiss a pale blogger. Insert sad face. Enjoy.

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