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Angela Zatopek Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Maui

Reality star Angela Zatopek took some time off from realitying to show us all her glorious body in Maui. She wore a small black bikini that perfectly displayed her ginormous ta-tas. They are seriously a sight to behold and I envy any man who gets to be-holding them. OK, I'll stop. But no, seriously they are impressive. But my favorite part of these pictures occurs a little further down than the boobtacular area. Look at the cut of her hips leading down to the golden palace of delights. That's just impressive. You could cut glass with those hips. I think that part of a woman's body is very underrated. The no-man's land between the stomach and the crotchecological region is a lovely place full of good stuff.

Angela has also got a pretty spectacular pair of legs. They are toned and tanned with just the right amount of curve. I give her legs Jack's seal of approval.

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