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Andrea Rincon Bikini Booty Showcasing La Thong Sextastica in Rio

Editor's Note: Well, eff me. This is model Andrea Rincon de Colombia, not the Andrea Rincon de Argentina, both quite hot brunettes in their own right. All my same lascivious comments apply. Thanks to our faithful readers of South American flooding my email box!

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Argentina is doing pretty well for themselves in the World Cup, a legit chance to go all the way, so why not have Argentinean dancer and TV hostess Andrea Rincon make her way up to Rio to report on the goings-on and generally show off her booty. She may not be tall like that class girl from Ipanema, but she sure is bodaciously curved and wicked booty hot in her thong along the sultry Brazilian beach front.

A bright colorful thong bottom on a big bold and beautiful sultry keester, now that's mind kind of sport. Andrea, if we were together, I'd root extra hard for Argentina. I'm that kind of fan when it comes to hot Latina girls. I know where my priorities lay. Enjoy.

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