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Alex Gerrard Bikini in White WAGalicious Glory

Well, Britty soccer player Steven Gerrard may not be pleased with his national team's lackluster performance in the World Cup, but he has to be pretty pleased with the MILFtastic hottie he calls his wife. Alex Gerrard was showing off her hot mommy bikini body in Ibiza in a white bikini, all splashy and showy type fun.

It's pretty well-established here that soccer players get some of the finest wives and girlfriends of any professional athletes. I don't like superlatives, but the premiere foot-ballers around the world are right up there at the top of the list of bedding down the world's best looking models. Alex Gerrard is right up there herself. I'd surely love to be her vacation time towel boy. I see moistness, I dab. You hardly even notice I'm there. Enjoy.

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