Xbox One’s Kinect IS Still Leering At Us, ‘Watch Dogs’ Says So (VIDEO)

Watch Dogs Kinect
Yes. Yes they are.

NSFW sweariness ahoy!

Prior to the Xbox One release, that ‘always on’ Kinect business was a huge effing deal. The doomtastic doomy doomsayers of the video game world didn’t like what they saw. Apparently, we were all in for a terrifying new age of Big Brother-esque gaming.

We’d be monitored at all times by this fancy-ass new Kinect sensor, which meant two equally horrifying things. Firstly, technology is unerringly marching towards Skynet levels of intrusiveness. Secondly, we’d have to put our damn pants on before playing Xbox, so some bastard from Microsoft doesn’t have incriminating footage of us to spread on the Internet. They were scary times indeed.

Backlash about some of the more craptacular policies changed a lot about the console on its release. It is now available sans sensor, so we don’t need to fear it ogling us 24/7. Even so, the piss-takery about the whole thing lives on. In this Watch Dogs easter egg, for instance.

Eurogamer brings us the above clip of some typical ctOS shenanigans within the game. Hidden away in the files is an unknown guy raging at his Xbox, all captured by the ‘Kinekt’ feed. How very cheeky.

Via Destructoid.