Violeteyes Shows Off Her Tattooed Bikini Body

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Model Violeteyes displayed her lovely tattooed self in a black bikini in Maui. The first thing you notice about Violeteyes' body is all of her amazing ink. Whether or not you like a girl with tattoos there is no argument about her amazing rack. Lucky for us the bikini top is so small that it can barely contain the wonders of her yum yums. Oh, there is side boob and top boob, dear friends. They are some pretty spectacular all-naturals. Even though the rest of her is a canvas for her tatts, she left her funbags graffiti free and for that I am grateful.

Normally I'm ambivalent about tattoos but I have to say that on her they look pretty friggin' sexy. She's like that bad girl in high school that you secretly wanted to make out with but who also kinda scared you.

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