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Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Toned Tummy

Actress and hot person Vanessa Hudgens went hiking in California wearing only a sports bra. This allowed all watchers to enjoy her perfectly toned stomach. It's seriously one of our favorite abdomens here at Egotastic. If we were to create a perfect specimen of womanhood from the spare parts of celebrities, her stomach would be our first choice. The fact that she is always sporting some pretty sexy navel jewelry helps. A lot. Whenever I'm in California I always like the fact that many ladies go hiking in just their sports bras. It's the only reason I ever agree to go on hikes. Alas, here in New York Cityyou rarely see ladies out and about in just their bras. It's too cold for most of the year and the rest of the time you'd run the risk of getting your boobs honka honkaed by some crazy homeless guy named Syphilitic Pete.

What I'm saying is that I celebrate Vanessa's choice of hiking attire.

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