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Vanessa Hudgens Preening, Stretching, Steam Hot in Spandex Shorts for Hot Hiking Time

Vanessa Hudgens may often cover her face when she's running about in public, but she never does cover that tightly worked out minxy body of hers. Not since a year or two ago when she started getting earnestly into fitness and turned her Disney teen star female form into one hot grown up taut lady body. She really is one of the secretly tightest bodied hottie in Hollywood. Well the secret is out now.

Vanessa picked the perfect outfit for a warm day's hike in Tinsel Town. Tight Spandex shorts and an athletic top short enough to show off her midriff. Sure, she could wear sweats and an oversized tee, but where's the fun in that. We thank Vanessa for sharing the blessings of her body with us, and for pretending she doesn't want to be noticed. You don't work out that much just for personal resolutions. Vanessa, we need to hike together sometime. Call me when you're up for a 1/4 mile on a relatively flat surface. I'll get my crosstraining sandals. Enjoy.

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