The Best of E3 2014: Let’s Haul Ass to Hell –Again– With ‘Doom 4’ (VIDEO)

Doom 4
More of these handsome chaps, we hope.

Ah, Doom. Many of us grew up on a diet of Cacodemons, Barons of Hell and… those big ol’ angry red bastards. The first FPS begat Call of Duty, Halo and such from its Satanic gonads, and deserves major props (whatever props are) for that. As far as genre fans are concerned, there’s always room for Doom.

So buckle up, gentlemen, because a fourth installment is incoming.

Last time, legendary badass ‘Doomguy’ sealed the Hellmouth and thought he had ended the threat. Sadly, though, it seems that you just can’t keep a marauding band of furious hell-fiends down. They’re back, but this time in a rather different guise.

As this first teaser explains, this new threat is a catastrophe of our own making. It’s a dire warning (another one) not to dick around with fancy-ass new technology we don’t entirely understand. Because, y’know, that can make cybernetic demons appear and try to chew on your eyeballs.

A new horde that is an unholy union of flesh and metal, you say? Count us in.