The Best of E3 2014: Drive a Freaking Bat-Tank in ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ (VIDEO)

E3 2014 Batman Arkham Knight
What's happened to your voice, Bruce?

What the balls, Rocksteady? Are you sure our billionaire buddy Bruce would have approved of this kind of madness?

We all know that Batman isn’t big on the whole ‘guns’ thing, after all. He’ll let Morgan Freeman affix all kinds of spikes and explosives to the crotch region of the batsuit, but guns? Nuts to them. Our hero’s much more of the hands-on, meaty fist to the colon type, because that’s just the way the Bat rolls.

Well, it was. There’s only so much BS anyone can take before they finally decide eff it, I’m going to convert the batmobile into a tank and blow shit right up. For Batman, that day is today.

Above, fresh from E3, is another heaping helping of Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay. Take a quick glide around the expansive next-gen vision of Gotham, and see some very Grand Theft Auto reckless driving in the batmobile.