Taisha Marie Shows Off Her Booty In Vegas

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Up-and-comer Taisha Marie flaunted her bodacious body for the cameras in this Vegas photoshoot. Yes, I went back in time and brought back the word bodacious because her assets are that amazing. Her funbags are out of control. She's wearing the type of lingerie that is engineered to show off boobies to their maximum capacity. It worked. You can see just enough of her ta-tas to make it interesting, and believe me my interest is peeked, (if you know what I mean). But the real news is her booty. It's seriously one of the best booties to come across my desk in a while. It's big without being too wide and is perfectly round. Basketballs are less spherical than Taisha's backside. You want to slap those cheeks but that's how people end up in jail, so keep your hands to yourself.

I see a bright future for Taisha Marie. As long as the butt stays like it is she will always be a hot commodity.

(Thanks to long time EgoReader and celebrity photographer Gary Sun at SunofHollywood for these spectacular shots.)

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