Rachel Boston In A Minidress On The Set Of "Witches Of East End"

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Rachel Boston was looking smoking hot on the set of Witches of East End, which is currently shooting in Vancouver. The summery dress she was sporting was basically a small piece of fabric that barely covered her jubblies and lady bits. There is a nice cleavage situation going on. She definitely fills up that top. The dress also has the advantage of being really short which shows off her silky legs. Yes, I used the word silky to describe them because that's what they are. It's a good thing it's warm now in Vancouver, you know for like another week. Poor Rachel would have frozen her tuchus off just a few weeks ago. That's the danger of shooting in Canada. Trust me, I know.

I haven't seen this show but I'm definitely going to start watching if she's gonna wear stuff like this. It's very...bewitching...HA! OK, I'll put myself in comedy time-out.

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