Paulina Slagter In A Black Bikini On Miami Beach

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Law student and Ryan Phillipe lover Paulina Slagter looked boobtastic in a black bikini in Miami Beach. The bikini in question was of the teenie weenie variety. There is some pretty spectacular cleavage in these pictures, my friends. Her ta-tas are a perfect size. Not so small that she looks like a 12-year-old boy but not so big that they'd give Ryan carpal tunnel syndrome from handling them. The bottom also reveals some decent amount of her lovely booty cheeks. The majority of lawyers don't look like Paulina. Mostly they look like Jason Alexander. If all lawyers looked like Paulina I would have opted to go to law school instead of getting a useless masters degree in film. Many of my classmates, ironically, also looked like Jason Alexander. Weird.

That Ryan Phillipe is one lucky bastard. First he bagged Reese Witherspoon and now Paulina. He must be really good in the sack or something.

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