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Paulina Slagter Bikinis Poolside In Miami

Future lawyer and current sexy lady Paulina Slagter looks amazing in these pics of her sunbathing by a pool in Miami. She wore a green bikini with some flying pineapples or something on them. There is quite a lot of cleavage friends, enough for everyone to share. Her ta-tas are a spectacular thing to behold. You can see why Ryan Phillipe wants to lock those puppies down by marrying mean her. There is also just a hint of booty cheek peeking out of the bottoms. Delightful. I like Paulina because she's smart as well as hot. She's what they call the "total package". You've got to be smart or at least smart adjacent to go to law school. I couldn't do it. People start talking about torts and I start dreaming about pastries. Because I'm chubby.

But not Paulina, heck no. There is not an ounce of fat on that body. I don't know how she does it but I know I like looking at her.

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