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Ms. Nevada Nia Sanchez Wins 2014 Miss USA Competition

The crown of Miss USA was awarded to Ms. Nevada Nia Sanchez. She looked incredibly hot in a low cut red dress that showed off some pretty intense cleavage. It's no wonder that she won the crown over the fifty other hotties in the contest. Nia talked about how she's a third degree black belt in taekwondo and how ladies need to be able to defend themselves against creepers. At the risk of getting a karate chop to the face, I can definitely see her getting harassed by slimy dudes. Remember guys, look but don't touch. I missed the pageant last night but that's why the good lord invented the DVR. I plan on making some popcorn and enjoying watching fifty of this nation's finest babes showing off their hottness.

I say that Nia can totally win Miss Universe too. Even though technically speaking that contest only has has contestants from Earth and not the entire universe. The chicks from Umacron-5 could give those smoking lovelies from Venezuela a run for their money.

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