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Michelle Lewin Bikini Pictures Will Knock You Out With Red Booty Sextastic

I'm quite certain I could recognize fitness model Michelle Lewin with my naked eye from a quarter mile staring only at her amazingly hot and well-worked out asstastic. In fact, I know I can. Though I still can't find the tape dispenser right here on my desk. Michelle's all over hot and curvaceously muscular beach body is quite distinctive, as is her world-class thumper especially set off in a red thong bikini that just screams, spank me, even though I'm going to kick your butt afterward, it'll be worth it.

Now, I'm not advocating for any unwanted touches, but you'd have to be pretty poor of sight and imagination not to be fantasizing over squeezing Michelle's taut cheeks and asking if you might follow that freckle trail down her chest. Oh, the dots we could connect on that anatomical adventure. Michelle, you are really working out to stand out in a crowded field of hotties. I respect that more than you know. Let's discuss it over dinner and drinks without the dinner. I am more than daring to dream at this moment. Enjoy.

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