Maria Sharapova Hoists Her French Open Cup and Flashes Hot Legs Before the Eiffel Tower

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I'm not going to say I always root for the hot girls to win in sports, I'm also not going to not say I don't do that. I think there's a quite natural tendency in men to root for the attractive ladies in any venue, albeit, naturally, we all want the most deserving woman to come out ahead. Which is quite convenient when it comes to rooting for Maria Sharapova who is both the hot girl and the woman most skilled in taking tennis titles, so we can focus on the former while mentioning the latter in mix company.

Maria took the French Open title over the weekend, giving her more tennis titles than I have toes plus pure decent thoughts combined. She deserved it too. Just look at those gams in her short skirt in front of the Parisian monument. Also, her backhand is pretty decent. Enjoy.

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