Malena Costa Bikini By Bike and By Pool Just Tremendously En Fuego

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Malena Costa seems to be enjoying her Miami Beach vacation. I know I'm delighting in the down time of this uptown Spanish model as she preens and poses in her bikinis atop both bike and plunging into the waters of her resort pool in her brightly colored bikinis. They've yet to really invent anything more alluring than a sextastic model in a bikini on a bicycle. I always like to imagine they're headed over to my place to play a little Strip Connect Four. Hey, it's not just the basket on Malena's bike that is announcing what we'd all like to see.

Malena Costa could be the cover girl for a tourism board pamphlet for just about any place in the world. I'd buy a ticket. And a two seater bike. It's so much better when we get there together, Malena. Enjoy.

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