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Maitland Ward Flashes Nerdastic Boobtastic as Princess Leia and LeeLoo for Comic Expo

I guess everybody's having one of these Comic-Con like expos these days. I suppose it has something to do with the San Diego version making about eighteen bazillion dollars each year as fan boys, geeks, nerd, and dudes under thirty with bifocals pack like stampeding herds to see their favorite objects d' lust, often times, not even real people. Long Beach held one of these expos this weekend and brought out Maitland Wardof former Boy Meets World fame to show off her fine veteran hottie body in the popular garb of Princess Leia from Star Wars and LeeLoo from Fifth Element.

It's not easy reprising both Carrie Fisher and Milla Jovovich in the same day, though I should say I've reprised both at the same time before in one very odd recurring dream I had during college. Nevertheless, Maitland brought both attention to detail and visual chest wonderment to her chesty roles behind both plate and tape. I'm quite certain the bespectacled wind-breaker wearing crowd was impressed. I can only imagine how many showers she took following the closing ceremonies. The slobber washes away, the sensation of fanboy tongue lasts forever. Enjoy.

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