Madonna Goes Topless For L’Uomo Vogue


The legendary sex goddess Madonna went topless like it was 1992 in the pages of L’Uomo Vogue. She looks pretty friggin’ amazing. She’s still got that unmistakable sex appeal that made her the superstar she is. Her perfect funbags are as spectacular as they always were. And thanks to doing yoga all the time, she can also bend herself into provocative poses. There is also a little S&M vibe going on in her leather bustier. That Madonna is always getting herself into all kinds of wacky/sexy situations. It brings back memories of my friend bringing her big metal SEX book to school when I was a sophomore in high school. It was filled with all kinds of sexy shenanigans. I particularly remember her encounter with a bicycle with no seat. It got confiscated, of course, and we both got detention for looking at it. Worth it.

I’m glad Madonna is still taking off her clothes for her fans. She’s been doing it for thirty years better than anyone around. She blazed the path for all of those hot singers that get nekkid today. She’s a true pioneer of nekkidness.