‘Madden 15’ Promises to Up the Badassery and Drop the Suck-age (VIDEO)

Madden 15 Trailer
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I failed before, but I am different now. I won’t fail again.

Whether our ol’ buddy here is talking about his own situation or the Madden games’ less glorious moments is unclear. Well, judging by those extreme close-ups and manly growl-y facial expressions, it’s probably that first one. One thing’s for sure, though, EA Sports cannot and effing will not be stopped. Ever.

Madden, much like any long-running sports game series, has a little Call of Duty syndrome about it. That not-broken-so-don’t-fix-it tendency to make only superficial changes with each new installment, if you like. The cashtacular will be rolling in regardless, you can bet your balls on that.

So perhaps the message here is that this lack of innovation is the failure. Or maybe we’re just BSing all over the place. It is Monday morning, after all, and who the hell wants to think on a Monday morning? Whatever the case, take a look at the first footage, and let’s hope we can expect great things of Madden 15.