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Kelly Bensimon Goes Jet Skiing In A White Hot Bikini

Real Housewife Of New York star Kelly Bensimon spent an afternoon in Miami riding around on a jet ski. She did it while wearing a delightfully small white bikini. Kelly is in ridiculously good shape. Just look at her toned stomach. Look at it! It's amazing. Most women in their mid-MILF years can only dream of looking this great. In some of the pics her top is covered by a life jacket. Luckily, there is nothing covering up her booty. Those cheeks are so pert you could bounce quarters off of them. Not that you'd want to. Unless that's your thing. I don't judge. In one of the pics you can see the side of her no-no spot area. All is right with the world. My wife was into watching that show when Kelly was on it. I almost didn't mind it being on so I could gaze at Kelly. Almost.

But, alas, she is not on the show anymore. But one can remember fondly her days getting into cat fights and throwing wine or whatever with the girls from RHONY.

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