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Katharine McPhee Bikini Candids Hot and Shiny Down Mexico Way

Katharine McPhee may not be celebrating her recent divorce following her cheating scandal, but she's definitely recuperating in the manner we most appreciate, a nice showy bikini vacation down in Cabo where our camera men line the palm trees waiting for the unfurling of the hotties.

We haven't seen Katharine revealing such copious amounts of skin in some time. It's leeringly nice to see that Katharine still has it going on on and, not skinny slender like some of the models we peek, but definitely all curvy woman and stretched tight in her shiny hugging bikini. I'd like to shiny hug, Katharine. I can do it while whispering sweet Spanish cancions into her ear. I really only know three, and they're all drinking songs, but I'm sure she'll appreciate the thought.

Katharine, it's time for rebound sex. Let me be your backboard. Charge hard, bikini clad hottie. Enjoy.

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