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Kate Walsh Bikinis Poolside In Miami

Grey's Anatomy star Kate Walsh spent the afternoon looking sexy in a tiny bikini in Miami. She sported a peacock feathery looking suit that showed off her amazing body. There is some very nice cleav action going on in the front of the suit. Her ta-tas look amazeballs and that's not even a real word, that's how great they are. Kate also has a pretty spectacular set of legs on her. They are perfectly shapely and toned, a magical combination. She's also got one of those weird body chain things that go around her neck and abdomen. I'm not one for S&M type stuff but a girl with these thin body chains has always gotten my motor going. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it's because it sort of reminds men of a certain age of Princess Leia's slave bikini from Return of the Jedi.

The two times I ever watched Grey's Anatomy I remember thinking that Kate Walsh was probably one of the reasons it was so highly rated. That and all the rest of the hotness in that hospital. Seriously, no emergency room looks like that.

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