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Julianne Hough Wears A Body Stocking On Stage In LA

Dancing with the Stars champ and sexy person Julianne Hough put on quite a show in LA. She wore a flesh colored body stocking that had some weird white strips that made her kind of look like Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element. So, she's fully clothed but gives the illusion of partial nudity. If you kind of squint it looks like her lovely ta-tas are all but hanging out, covered only by a thing strip of fabric. But the body suit is tight. How tight? Well, in one picture she bends over and has the mother of all camel toe. There is seriously a caravan's worth of camel toe going on. There is something to be said for tight clothes. If you don't feel comfortable flaunting your lovely skin, you can still be sexy in a flesh colored body stocking.

Julianne is one of the only reasons that I enjoyed watching DWTS. It's not because I secretly want to become a ballroom dance master.

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