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Jill Martin Is Cold In A Green Bikini In Miami

Sportscaster Jill Martin went for a swim in the ocean in Miami Beach in a tiny green bikini. It seems that Jill got a little cold and the result was some serious nipple poking action. She seriously looks like she is smuggling novelty pencil erasers in her top. Jill is in killer shape. He stomach and legs are toned and tight with not a spot or blemish. But it is her jugs of milk that are a thing of beauty. Besides the cold nipple action, we get to see the glory of her cleavage in the revealing green top. Jill should really consider calling those Knicks games in a similar bikini ensemble. I guarantee it would boost their ratings from, like, 30 people watching to millions. I know that I would certainly pretend to care about the game if I could see her basketballs on display.

But no one ever listens to me when I come up with these great ideas. Girls in bikinis = ratings. They taught me that in broadcast programming 101

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