Jehane ‘Gigi’ Paris Covered Topless in Hot Los Angeles Photoshoot

The knowledge that newfound lust Jehane ‘Gigi’ Paris might’ve been just a few blocks down the street from me shooting her perfect bare French arse on a balcony kind of kills me. People in L.A. talk about wishing they’d seen Guns & Roses back in their days on Sunset, it’s my dream to see all the hot model skin being shot in iconic hotel room boudoir and balcony pictorials. Really anything Gigi Paris works for me these days. Man, what an alluring female form Gigi has brought with her from Paris.

This Neave Bozorgi photoshoot is just the tip of the iceberg of the sextastic this fine French model has in store for us. While like many fashion models she began her career way too young to even appear here, Gigi is just getting started in her body of work showing off her hot body. I can hardly wait. C’mon, Gigi, don’t make me wait! Enjoy.