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I'd Let Kimberley Garner Be My Girlfriend (I Know, This Is Huge)

I really do have a thing for Kimberley Garner. She of the bikinis and short skirts flitting about various European capitals either for her reality show antics or just general promotion of being a hot girl everybody wants at their events. She put on a little short skirt to hoist the flag at the Paris to Barcelona Grand Prix which is basically a race of rich dudes in their cars figuring out clues at stops along the way. So more of a scavenger hunt than a road race really, a solid chance to get drunk each evening at various famous establishments along the way. Sounds fun to me, though I'm not sure I'd ever pull away from the starting line so long as my belusted Kimberley was flashing her legs and little upskirt peeks rolling around on the hoods of cars.

Whatever it is she's doing, she's doing it well. I can't stop wondering how nice it would be to spend an hour with her discussing life, love, and how that honey I just poured down her frontside will soon be hardening if I don't tend to it. I'm big on the chemistry of honey. Kimberely, call me. Let's make some magic. Enjoy.

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