Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: When Wrestling Commentary and Video Games Collide (VIDEO)

Jim Ross Video Games
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Wrestling is the sport of kings. The sport of big ol’ oily muscular kings in little red undercrackers. Kings who dickishly advertise breakfast cereals, and declare that Honey Nut Cheerios are better than a body slam. (You thought Hulk Hogan doesn’t eat nuts and honey? So did he).

Anywho, the sport of kings needs the king of commentators. That, right there, would be Jim Ross. The voice of the WWE has been embracing all things wrestletastic since the 70s, and he knows what he likes. What does he like most of all? Melodrama in the ring. Charisma, enthusiasm, a little sadism… he has it all.

But who the hell knew that JR’s talents translate just as well to video games? In this little slice of piss-takery, we see Flappy Bird, Battlefield and Metal Gear Solid given the Jim commentary treatment.

Why, we have no clue, but there it is. In any case, it’s good to see he agrees that Luigi is a heartless, soulless son of a bitch after that viral Mario Kart 8 moment.

Via Kotaku.