Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Conan O’Brien Wants Samus to Get Nekkid in ‘Smash Bros’ (VIDEO)

Clueless Gamer- Smash Bros
Keep it in your pants, Conan!

Conan O’Brien will not and cannot be stopped. Not effing ever. On his show in the past, he’s discussed Ellen Page’s weird-ass dreams about pubes, and cajoled Eric Bana into eating a banana live on air. Presumably in the hope that some wily photoshopping bastard will… well, do the inevitable.

He’s just that kind of multi-talented dude. If you need anything related to bananas or pubes, Conan is the man to call. If you need someone who knows what in holy hell they’re doing in a video game, on the other hand, you’re going to want to look elsewhere. Hold on to your asses, here comes another trainwreck.

As the Wii U continues to cling on for dear life, a second lifeline is approaching (following Mario Kart 8): Super Smash Bros. For Asian businessmen with dickish haircuts everywhere, this is a big freaking deal right here. It needs to be hyped to the max. And back again. Twice.

In Conan O’Brien’s hands, though, it’s just a festival of piss-takery. Watch as he ogles Zero Suit Samus’ ample boobage, is pretty damn racist to elves, and hopes for a stage made from bacon.

Via Kotaku.