Emma Roberts Bikini Top Cute-Tastic With Flowers in Her Hair

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You can't get much more darling as a young woman than running about the beach with flowers in your hair. Well, a bikini top certainly helps too, even if you by a not so busty thespianic like Emma Roberts. She of the naturally minxy body fame, strutting the beaches of Hawaii with a lei crown and some jean shorts to compliment her bikini top. A full two piece view would've been nice, and I suspect it may be coming if I promise not to sleep for the remainder of her vacation. The petite girls always blossom truly when the shorts come down.

Emma, it's nice to see you in a little less than your typical highly conservative dress. Somewhere beneath that regal shield lies a tigress just waiting to pounce. Just please remember, I have a bad right knee, so please pounce accordingly. Enjoy.

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