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Eiza Gonzalez Flashes Legs Shopping in West Hollywood

The lovely Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez was all legs on a shopping trip in West Hollywood. The telenovela star was wearing what essentially looks like a one piece bathing suit her abuela knitted for her. Eiza has legs, my friends. I mean, most people have legs but she HAS legs. Her stalks are flawless. They are long and lean like the good lord intended. When her abuela knitted her this outfit she also forgot to add much of a top. So, there is some serious cleavage action going on. Clearly all those years of working on telenovelas in Mexico taught her that you get further in this business showing off your assets. And by assets I mean her chi-chis. I remember seeing Eiza years ago when she was just a teenager on a teen telenovela my mom watched called Lola...Erase Una Vez. Why my 60-year-old mom was watching a teen soap opera is not important.

What its important is that I knew that one day Eiza would grow up into one seriously caliente chica and I could stop feeling bad for ogling her.

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