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Denise Richards: I'm Still in Lust With You (It's Not Going Away)

23 or 43, probably 63, I think I'll be forever in a passionate warm and sometimes moist place for Denise Richards. She doesn't seem to age or is aging gracefully or is just forever rolling around nekkid on a bear skin rug in my dreams. It's something about this woman that continues to allure. The hardest part really is putting her ex-husband out of my mind when imagining our passionate lovemaking sessions. I don't care how great the whoopie is, if Charlie's mug comes knocking at the door with those dead shark eyes, it's a real mood killer.

Denise was just out and about in her usual warm weather tank and shorts looking all kinds of MILFtastic. The fact that she talks in detail on the Howard Stern show about her love of sex and experimentation doesn't really provide much cold shower on my feelings toward her. Denise, please, think of me as one of your experimentation subjects. I really have no limits. My safe word is 'More!'. Let's make deviant history in your jean shorts. Just a thought. Enjoy.

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