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Dakota Fanning Butt Gate, It Was All Just a Dream

So, it turns out that the Dakota Fanning white pale booty as seen in Very Good Girls that I was replicating in marble in my living room was completely CGI phony. First, damn you technology, damn you straight to hell! Second, c'mon Dakota Fanning. I want to want you, but that is some weak sauce. A digitally re-composed butt? I'm sure your dumper is plenty fine, I know it is, even if not perfect. It's one thing when you sort of let everybody talk about how you're nekkid in the movie for the first time, then it turns out you're really just talking about from behind and your cheeks, then it turns out those cheeks are virtual fill-ins. Honestly, I don't know what to believe in any more. I suppose this is both the blessing and the curse of the modern digital age. I'm trying to sound reasonable, but I am most definitely seething on the inside. I might need to punch some ice cream.

Here's a shot of Dakota's deep cleavage from the same film. I assume they are real. I mean, I hope so. This is what happens when the innocence ends.

(Sort of thanks to the many of you who forwarded this Dakota Fanning fake butt confession piece from earlier this year.)

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