Chloe Goodman Green Bikini Boobtastic in Vegas Because Why The Heck Not

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This British reality hottie Chloe Goodman has been doing a great job of making first impressions this week with her various little bikinis in Las Vegas. Most of the Britty brunettes head to Southern Europe for their sun time fun time bikini parades so I'm happy to see Chloe strutting her hot body stuff in Sin City. Now, next step, get myself to Las Vegas.

Chloe, tell all your friends to come to the U.S. in their bikinis as well. You know, not all your friends, but just the ones you're crazy jealous of because you're convinced they're hotter than you and all the guys keeping hitting on them when you go out. Those friends. And leave the boyfriends behind please. They are completely excess baggage. Enjoy.

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