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Chanelle Hayes Bikini Pictures Show Off One Super Ripe Fit Mommy

Chanelle Hayes has apparently been powerhousing in the gym of late to work off a decent amount of extra pounds put on in the offseason. From the looks of these candidly caught bikiini pictures from her Egyptian vacation, I'd say the hard work has paid off. The glamour model turned reality star turned gossip TV girl in the U.K had me mumbling for a solid five minutes before I could even get to her bikini bottoms with my line of sight.

You know how I feel about sextastic British women with jugs faptastic. It's like a man loves his mother, or his country, or his dog Buddy. Only the things I'd like to do with Chanelle would not apply to any of those other loves. Wow. I guess this hitting the gym thing does have some upside. For others, naturally. Enjoy.

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