Chanel Iman Bikini Pictures Sextastic Pink Delights from Down Mexico Way

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If you're a hot celebrity and you're in Cabo, we're going to find you. I don't mean me specifically, that's too much hard work in the warm midday sun. But there are people who service our needs here at Egotastic! who will climb any tree, hike any sand dune, and dress up in any porpoise costume to get the photos of sweet bodied models and actresses down Mexico way.

Case in point, stunning Victoria's Secret model Chanel Iman. Even her name gives me a boner. Eh, TMI. Chanel and her slender pink bikini covered frame were strutting along the beaches of Cabo yesterday looking all kinds of sultry hot and baking goodness. Such a delicate, but passionate flower strolling the sands of my libido. Chanel, you really need to take more vacations. Might I suggest the topless beaches of Europe next? Enjoy.

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