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Catrinel Menghia Sextastic Swimsuit Preening for The One

Well, hello there Romanian goddess hottie Catrinel Menghia. Nice to see you once more.

We first made our acquaintance with Catrinel a few years back in her SI Swimsuit photos. Our adoration of the dark haired sultry beauty has yet to waver. Just take a look at this swimsuit spread in The One Magazine and tell me you aren't having visions of lost weekend in Bucharest locked in an apartment with Catrinel with nothing to eat but radishes and each other. That's the dream when a girl as smoking hot as Catrinel can pose and preen and show off her crazy hot body as she does. Well, maybe not the radishes. Let's replace them with gummy bears and call it the ultimate fantasy. Catrinel, bless you for being so damn hot. Enjoy.

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