Caroline Wozniacki Bikini Beach Day In Miami

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Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki showed off her Scandinavian hot bod in a blue bikini in Miami. Because she is a tennis pro she has that skinny but toned build that most of the famous lady tennis players have. That doesn't stop her from having some pretty spectacular cleavage action in some of the shots where she's playing football. I would like to be tackled by her. It would be worth the humiliation of being brought down by a woman that probably weighs 100 less than me. Needless to say that her booty is also a sight to behold. All of that running back and forth chasing a ball gives these tennis gals amazing gluts. That's fancy exercise talk for a firm badonkadonk.

I've been meaning to get to those Scandinavian countries to unlock the mystery of why their women are so friggin' hot. Those chilly nations are really good at creating modernist furniture held together by pegs and allen wrench screws and creating hot blonds. Maybe it's all the pickled herring?

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