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Cara Santana Is All Booty In Tights

Actress and certifiable hot person Cara Santana was spotted in some tights that while leaving the gym in Studio City. She put together this ensemble wanting to look friggin' sexy rather than what's best for working out. I'm not sure that wearing something so tight that you can see the outline of everything, (and I do mean everything), helps you exercise better. Her booty looks slammin', as Theo Huxtable might have said in 1992. It's the kind of butt that comes from the combination of Latino genes, years of eating arroz every meal, and working out. The working out is crucial or else you just end up looking like all of my not-so-fit cousins. There is also a hint of camel toe in the front as well, which is always nice.

I was looking up her bio to write this and I saw that she stars in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. I saw the first BHC, of course but I'm definitely going to check out the third one if Cara is in it. Do you think I can skip part 2 or am I going to miss any crucial plot elements?

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