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Blake Lively Shows Some Cleavage at Chime For Change Gala in NYC

The very sexy Blake Lively brought her ta-tas partly out of her shirt at the Chime for Change gala in New York City. But it's OK, it was for charity. Blake was sporting a short yellow dress that has a peek-a-boo window that runs down the canyon of her boob valley. There is some pretty intense cleav action happening in that dress. I'm sure her funbags helped raise a lot of money. I will freely admit that I used to watch Gossip Girl. Why? Because it had Blake Lively in it in various states of undress, that's why. Plus all the other hot chicks on that show like Leighton Meester. I even went to see that crappy Green Lantern movie in the theaters so that I could see Blake's yum yums up on the big screen. Ryan Reynolds must actually have a magic ring in real life to have somehow scored Blake Lively. I'm sure the fact that he's really handsome and has a lot of money helps too.

I've been thinking I need to be more charitable lately. If ladies are dressing like this at charity events, I will gladly volunteer my time and energy for the boobs...I mean...cause.

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