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AnnaLynne McCord Swimsuit Hottie, Forever In My Thoughts

You know, if Hallmark cards worked well enough to get a woman into bed, they could probably raise their prices. Just a thought for our friends at Hallmark who love pithy sentiment.

I'd certainly buy one of those greeting cards for AnnaLynne McCordwhose hotness goes in and out of my life like a swinging door of regret in the nether regions. We only see AnnaLynne once every so often now. She's probably off with her boyfriend having stupid sex or something. But when she does reappear on our radar, it's usually in something little and showy like a swimsuit or a not swimsuit showing off her long lean model actress type body. I still and always will have the hots for AnnaLynne, though I am willing to accept one of her two hot sisters as temporary providers while I wait. I'm flexible in these regards. AnnaLynne, we need more! Enjoy.

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