‘Alien: Isolation’ Hopes to Bring the Badassery Like No ‘Alien’ Game Has Before (VIDEO)

Alien Isolation 7
Spoiler: this guy's STILL pissed.

Which wouldn’t be all that difficult. Alien is just one of those beloved franchises that has generally become piss-poor, somewhere on its journey through the video-game-o-matic. Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines? The hypetastic that surrounded it, and the ultimate sucker punch to the gonads it gave us all upon release (SURPRISE! I’m actually a barrel of balls)? This is why we have trust issues, right here.

Much as Superman 64 was horribly, horribly shite, these games have never lived up to the great promise of the source material. We want to be a marine, and ice those buggers like the dude from Doom. We want to see them coming out of the goddamn walls. We want to actually experience the movies.

Alien: Isolation isn’t exactly promising that, let’s not kid ourselves here. At this point, we’ll settle for a worthy, non-sucktacular experience, and that we can probably handle. Creative Assembly, the Total War masterminds, bring us a first-person adventure that’s looking rather sextacular. A little more cerebral than a straight shooter, perhaps, this one’s worthy of attention.

But not too much, naturally. We’ve been hurt before. Take a look at this early footage and make up your own mind.