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Alex Gerrard Bikinis In Ibiza

English model and columnist Alex Gerrard took some time off from being professionally hot to be hot in her spare time in Ibiza. She showed off her amazing ta-tas in a series of tiny bikinis. There is sideboob, my friends, and plenty of it. They are pretty much perfection. Like, if I had to pick out a perfect pair of funbags from a line-up, I'd choose hers. The bottoms of her bikini also showcase her incredible booty. There was a whole lot of cheek hanging out for our viewing pleasure. It's a shame that Alex didn't take advantage of Ibiza's lax policy on nudity. I encourage her on her next trip to explore those options. After all, no one wants tan lines.

Ibiza is essentially the slutty Miami nightclub of Europe where pretty much anything is permissible. That's what makes it such a great place. It's like an adult Disneyland but with lots of sex and alcohol.

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