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Aida Yespica Bikini Pictures Hold Their Own And Then Some on Holiday in Spain

Wow, it's been a while since we've seen Venezuelan beauty pageant winner turned Italian TV showgirl Aida Yespica baring her bodacious body in a bikini along some shoreline or another around the world. For several winters she was a fixture in Miami, but she missed this past year, leaving a small hole in my heart. So she's kind of like doughnuts for me.

Aida has some new boyfriend I'll continue to ignore, but it was enough occasion to get her back into her two piece and off to the South of Spain for a beach vacation. I'm glad she went. And did some delicious bikini adjustments. Though every time a sextastic woman adjusts her own sweet teats I do feel like I'm missing out on my life's career calling. Enjoy.

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