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Adriana Lima Sports A Green Bikini In Miami

Brazilian model and Egotastic favorite Adriana Lima spent a day at the beach in a small green bikini. The Victoria Secret angel looked heavenly, (see what I did there?), all wet from the sea and glowing in the sun. Her perfectly pert ladies looked absolutely stunning in her tiny top. But it was her magnificent booty that really stole the show. The bottom of her bikini showed off most of her shapely rosy cheeks. I'd like to get a bronze sculpture of that derriere to put on my coffee table. I feel it would really tie the room together. If I were more of a poet, I'd write a sonnet about her badonk, but as it is I can only express my gratitude to her parents for creating such a beautiful example of womanhood.

Brazil is getting a lot of attention these days because of that little soccer thing going on down there. The World Cup is seriously playing in every bar in New York on big plasma screen TV's. But I don't really care. Adriana and the other Brazilian models what I'd rather watch in high def.

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