The Krupa Sisters and Crystal Hefner Host a Bikini Party at Hard Rock

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Technically, it was called the Bikini Invitational, but given that I didn't receive an invitation I'll have to assume it was just the preliminary rounds. Either way, the good folks at Hard Rock and their aptly named Rehab pool club got Joanna Krupa and the photo shy Marta Krupa to pose down for the big event over the weekend at their Vegas property. Then they added Hef's wife, Crystal Hefner, in a bikini as the expert DJ to get the music pumping. Hey, it's Vegas and hot girls and a pool. You don't need to start questioning the details.

Girls, please don't forget to invite Uncle Bill to your next poolside soiree. Remember, the trench coats I wear are just emotional expressions of my sensitive insides. Enjoy.

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