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Taylor Swift's Luscious Legs In A Blue Skirt

The lovely Taylor Swift showed off her redonkulous legs in a short blue skirt in New York City. Taylor recently moved to the big bad city and she's been spotted around town looking hot, because that's what she does. I guess she sings songs about ex-boyfriends too. There are a lot of amazing legs out there in the world, and it is my job to notice these things. But I am of the opinion that Taylor's long creamy white gams are the best. They deserve to be the main exhibit in the sexy chick leg museum of sexy chick legs. Seeing these gorgeous legs walking around I don't understand why any of those dudes would have broken up with her. What possible relationship issue could be worth losing having those bad boys wrapped around you? I'm pretty sure I would put up with almost anything.

I am going to make it my personal mission to see Taylor and her legs in person. It's finally warm here in New York and that means that girls are stripping down to their skimpiest outfits. She has to come out of her apartment sooner or later, right?

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